POSIX Shell Parameter Expansion

How to Install an Old Version of Python on Debian or Ubuntu

Enable Serial/SOL Output in GNU/Linux Systems

How to Set Environment Variables in Windows 10

Setup SSH Server in Windows 10 or Windows Server, Online or Offline

What is ASCIIZ

Notes on UEFI Shell Scripting

Notes on some commands and scripting for UEFI Shell.

Software and Scripts

Batch Scripts


A wrapper of certutil.exe to calculate checksums.

Winchecksum Wrapper

A wrapper of winchecksum, adding winchecksum commands to right-click menu of files.

jai (Just Archive It)

A batch script to compress directories to 7z archives (by adding items to right-click menu of directories).

jsa (Johnny the Sysadmin)

A batch script for server management, like sending (or keep sending) ipmitool commands, monitor connectivity, start KVM. The name `jsa' is a backronym, just 3 random letter that isn't a existing command.


A batch script to rename files or directories. It does not support regex. Can be seen as a wrapper of ren command.

Steam Account Switcher

Switch Steam account without re-entering passwords.


Copy AppData from one Windows user to another.

CloudConf (documentation)

A batch script for syncing configurations from cloud storage for tools like Vim, Rime, Everything and SumatraPDF.


Link local game save files to cloud storage services, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.


A batch script for building AMI Aptio V BIOS projects.


Delete specific items from Windows runmru.


A simple batch script to setup Visual Studio Build Environment, and provide some simple shortcut commands.


A batch script to make ipmitool more handy. It was retired on November 3rd, 2021, superseded by Johnny the Sysadmin.


A batch script adding checksum calculation to Windows right-click menus. It has retired and been superseded by Winchecksum Wrapper

Shell Scripts

vom (Vim on Mintty)

It turns out, in Windows, the Vim coming with Git for Windows is more convenient than gVim. This shell script makes that Vim the default editor, associates common file types to it, and add an `Edit with Vim on Mintty' item to right-click menu of files.


Setup git daemon and start building on Jenkins with a single command.

jg (Johnny's Git Kit)

A bunch of utilities for git daily use. Like jsa, `jg' is also a backronym.


A shell script that can be used in a team, to unify commit message. It make git slightly simpler to use for average committer, and provides some handy shorthands.


A simple shell script to control aria2c.


A simple shell script driving sedutil-cli.

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