Checksum for Windows Right-Click Menu

A simpler checksum tool to be integrated to Windows right-click menu

This project has retired and been superseded by Winchecksum Wrapper.



Checksum is a batch script (so it can only used in Windows). It adds items to right-click menu to checksum files of almost all types.

How It Works

It calls the certutil.exe, which is a build-in tool in almost every modern version of Windows, and parses its output. See Microsoft docs for certutil for more information.


This script is safe and clean, but it's always a good habit to inspect every script before running it.

If there is already 4.x version installed, please uninstall it with the 4.x installer before installing the 5.x version.

  1. Navigate to releases and download one, or download latest dev version
  2. Unzip downloaded package and run deploy.bat
  3. Select algorithms and options (see details below)


ID Algorithm
1 MD2
2 MD4
4 MD5
8 SHA1
16 SHA256
32 SHA384
64 SHA512


ID Option
128 Cascaded context menu
256 Also add lowercase output mode
512 Also add quietly-copy-to-clipboard mode
1024 Also add write-to-file mode

Note that if cascaded context menu is enabled, at most 16 items can be added.


ID Option
0 Uninstall

You can add the ID to select multiple algorithms/options (except uninstall)

For example, 4+16+128 (or 148) means deploying MD5, SHA256, and put them in a sub menu.

Peculiarly, a trailing L means lowercase output only, a trailing Y means deploying directly without confirmation. Y must be placed after L if both are present.

Shortcut Keys

If cascaded context menu is not enabled, it will create shortcut keys only for first algorithm (orderd by ID) as follows.

Key Item
Q Normal mode: display and copy
F Write checksum information to file filename_algroithm.txt and quit
L Lowercase mode
K Copy to clipboard and quit

If cascaded context menu is enabled, the submenu's shortcut key would be Q; 1, 2, 3, ...,9, 0 will be assigned to items in order. Only first 10 items have shortcut keys.

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